Afsaneh Tayyar captures  important moments of lights!



Likewise, some part of the sky in Saveh city near Tehran was full of reflected light, with a beautiful orange rose colour placed on slate, yellow-blue. I belong to the generation born shortly before the Shah years who left Iran after the revolution. I belong in the war period, which was between Iran and Iraq during 1980-1987. These areas in Saveh are situated on a long road that the countries of Iran to Iraq are connected through. The landscape photographic images do represent the village of my grandfather’s motherland. They show the steppes, the swamplands, the fields and mountains, and the lands of care that are slightly banished that some families passed through.


It was the recollection of my childhood memories, when I used to play around in the desert gazing up at the mighty blue sky and surrounding wheat farms and mountains in the far distance. It seemed that travelling again on this road after ten years was causing me to feel a melancholic sense and it encouraged me to create emotionally live and vivid images. It could certainly be a melancholic feeling in some aspects, when in those summer days, it reminded me of past memories and the good old days, and it made me smile in a moment, and then I felt unhappy about missing my childhood, separated from family and friends, which can also be called a nostalgic mood at this point. I have spent a great deal of time walking through the fields and forests before sunset, and the sunlight above those magnificent landscapes was a symbol and the light of Divinity.

Thus, I am looking back through circumstances and those ways of thinking. In my landscape    photographic images, they are not presented as evidence of past events or circumstances: they are created by my feelings about the past and the present. By gazing at these landscapes doubt begins to emerge when I look at photographs and observe them one by one. The beauty of landscapes gradually gives way to other mental images that represent these areas in the effects of war far from there. By walking on this land, It is reminded me my late grandfather, who passed away here and was buried on this land, and my late uncle who lost his life as a loyal soldier at the end of this road.